Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Microsoft's 3-D Strategy

"Microsoft has joined the wave of companies betting that 3-D is the next big thing for computing. At a recent talk at MIT, chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie said he sees the technology as an innovation that "will get people out of treating a computer as a tool" and into treating the device as a natural extension of how they interact with the world around them. Microsoft plans to introduce consumers to the change through its gaming products, but Mundie outlined a vision that would eventually have people shopping and searching in 3-D as well."


  1. I think this 3d thing is just a fad. At least I hope. If I start at a 3d screen for too long it starts to give me a headache.

  2. 3D would be sweet, as long as we dont have to wear glasses or look at a screen from a certain distance.

  3. yup shouldnt be too long from now